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                 Innovations & Timely Resources for Communities

This Website is host to an innovative, far reaching service designed to expand and accelerate green planning, action and achievements at the community level & beyond.                Sign in below for notices of free events & resources.

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        A range of complementary services are                                                         available here to help communities:

                          • Develop & undertake smart planning initiatives 

                         • Tap energy efficiency & renewable energy sources 

                         • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and impacts   
                         • Create more jobs & clean economic development 
Energy efficiency and renewable resources are emphasized here because of the  tremendous benefits they offer for communities.

Included on a complimentary basis are:  

  • Webinars featuring state and national experts  
  • On-demand replays of live events, accessible 24/7
  • A Virtual Resource Center (the substance of this Website)
  • A green jobs/clean economic development on-line forum
  • A unique virtual Green Jobs Showcase 
  • Replays for a two-day 2012 Virtual Conference & Expo 

Access to training, technical assistance and other support for local governments, community planners, economic development agencies, varied professions, nonprofit associations, community leaders, energy and other businesses and industries, educators and others takes place through this Website.

   The Future Is Now Foundation is host of this site. The Foundation and our invited partner, 1000 Friends of Florida, received funding for the Smart Planning for a Green Future initiative from the Florida Energy & Climate Commission/Florida Energy Office through April 30, 2012. The Foundation is continuing this Website and additional information resources as a public service for interested visitors. 

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