Energy Solutions for a Bright Future

The Energy Solutions Initiative  

This Initiative is a part of the Future Is Now Foundation. It provides education, professional development and technical assistance services on energy technologies and topics, with a focus on solutions for the future. 


 Future Is Now Foundation  

The Future Is Now Foundation exists to protect and advance the well being of people, the environment and communities. Our work is premised on the understanding that actions taken “Now” determine quality of life for the “Future”.

Our focus is on informing, empowering and equipping nonprofit organizations, public agencies and the public to accomplish more and better... to be as effective as possible in achieving their missions for a better future. We do this through a combination of technical assistance, training, education and capacity building services.

Our long-time subject matter expertise includes energy (efficiency, renewable energy and other), community planning and other topics. The Foundation has also been a leader and innovator in on-line events and other Internet technologies.

The Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, established in 2002, and prior to that operated as a program of another non-profit for 12 years. Further details are  


Marcia Elder                                                             
Executive Director
Future Is Now Foundation

Marcia has served as Foundation Director since 2002. She has 30 years experience in the energy field, with emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as long-time expertise in smart planning and has been a leader in the area of innovative Internet technologies.

Marcia also has been a professional consultant for over 25 years, providing communications, technology and other professional services. She has many years experience in nonprofit association management and, as part thereof, served as Executive Director for the American Planning Association, Florida Chapter (16 years) and the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association (4 years). As part of FAPA, she managed the Project for an Energy Efficient Florida (a statewide awareness program) for 12 years.

She has served on numerous state advisory committees, including on the subjects of energy, community planning and growth management, and she was appointed to the Judicial Management Council, advisory body to the Florida Supreme Court. She was a Trainer for Anthony Robbins seminars for 10 years and has extensive experience in professional development training and capacity building.

Her prior professional roles with state government in Florida included: Department of Transportation, Director of State Legislative Policy & Energy Policy; Governor's Office, Senior Manager & head of Energy Planning & Policy Analysis; State Energy Policy Council, Staff Coordinator/Manager; Department of Environmental Regulation, Legislative Analyst & Energy Program Coordinator (Office of the Secretary); prior DER program staff in water resources, air quality. She holds a graduate degree in Environmental Engineering.

The Future Is Now Foundation is also registered as the Florida Public Interest Foundation.

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