Energy Solutions for a Bright Future

Clean Energy Technologies for Communities

An on-demand replay of this event is available below, as held live on August 18, 2011.


Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies offer communities a host of benefits. Saving energy and money, reducing environmental impacts, creating new jobs and fostering clean economic development are foremost among them. Long-time energy alternatives combine with new and improved technologies as a menu of exciting choices for communities, regions and states.

In this session, find out the latest on what the technologies are, which are relevant for Florida and what they can do for your community. Learn about what they cost, their benefits and what's involved in implementing them. From solar and bioenergy to hydrogen, wind and water power, to high efficiency systems and strategies, gain a close-up look at the technology options, including those available now or near term and others to plan for in the future. State and national experts will present the menu of technology choices and answer your questions live.


• Roger W. Taylor - Principal Project Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US Department of Energy

• Brian Brainerd - Senior Associate, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

• Dr. Jim Fenton - Director, Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
• Jay Levenstein - Deputy Commissioner, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (DACS) 

Note: Effective July 1, the Governor’s Energy Office has been moved to DACS pursuant to 2011 legislation.

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