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We’re proud to have received print, broadcast and online media coverage over the years for our events and services, including from press/media outlets across the US. Examples follow.

Monday, May 9 2016, 8:00 am EDT

New Energy Books Point Way to Solutions, Actions for a Bright Energy Future

Two books have been released on a high profile topic affecting virtually everyone: the future of Energy. Featuring key energy experts, they are: “Energy Solutions for the Future & Now: Making a Difference for the Future of Energy” and “Solar Energy & the US Economy”.

Energy needs are in the forefront for the nation, states and local communities. The 2016 U.S. Presidential Debates, as one example, are testament to the relevance and importance of Energy as a nationwide priority.

Two new books are now available on energy solutions for the future and now. They feature key energy experts on solar energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainability and alternative energy. 

The books point to achievements to-date and opportunities for the future. They are:

   “ENERGY SOLUTIONS FOR THE FUTURE & NOW: Making a Difference for the Future of Energy” – In this book energy expert Marcia Elder is interviewed by nonprofit leader Aja Estro. Elder has some 40 years’ experience in the energy realm and provides candid responses on a range of timely topics. Her energy work has encompassed renewable energy, solar power, energy efficiency, nuclear power and other energy matters.

The book reveals many different ways to “make a difference” for the future of energy. Steps that can be taken by professionals and the public in the energy area apply as well to a broad assortment of other issues and concerns affecting the public.

The book has been called: “Insightful”. “Inspirational”. “Informative”. “In parts Hilarious!” The entertaining parts relate to true stories told by Elder that reflect her determination and daring spirit in making her own difference. On that she notes, "sometimes guts and gusto are required to get the job done -- plus a good sense of humor!"

   “SOLAR ENERGY & THE US ECONOMY” – The head of the national organization, The Solar Foundation, is interviewed through this book. TSF’s CEO & Executive Director, Andrea Luecke, provides compelling information on jobs created and projected due to solar energy, the role of solar in business and economic development, state-by-state information about solar economic considerations and other key topics.

The two books are part of an “Energy Experts Interview Series” that looks at a range of energy issues, technologies, needs and choices, with a focus on energy solutions.

Both are available through the Kindle Store of Proceeds from the books (available at minimal cost) go to the series host, the Future Is Now Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization. They can be found here: Energy Solutions/Make a Difference and Solar & Economy.

Video presentations by Elder, Luecke and other national and state energy experts are also available online from the Foundation’s 2016 national Energy Solutions Conference on Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels. Details are on the Foundation's Energy Solutions Initiative Website here:

The Future Is Now Foundation, established in 2002, is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that hosts educational programs and other support services on topics that matter for the future and now.

Other National Coverage

Below is an example of one of our 2016 stories picked up in states such as California, Texas, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, Arizona, Hawaii, Missouri, Louisiana, and others still. The focus: our Energy Solutions Conference & Simulcast.

The event, our sponsors and multiple speaker organizations got repeated media coverage through many and varied media outlets across the nation. In addition, Florida Trend Magazine was a media sponsor for the initiative. 

The following is from a Virginia NBC affiliate from a release issued post-event to promote the on-demand replays for the March 2016 Conference Track on Renewable Energy & Alternative Energy. 

Click here to access the story online or read on here ...

Clean Energy Leaders Convene, Pinpoint Solutions for Future  ... Replays Available

    National and state energy experts convened in late March to address solutions for energy needs of states, communities and the nation. Solar energy, other renewable energy and transportation alternative fuels were their focus. On-demand recordings are available as a tool for action by organizations, others.

    Tallahassee, FL, United States – March 31, 2016 

    The first two-day track of a multi-part national “2016 Energy Solutions Conference” Simulcast was held on March 23 – 24, 2016 and showcased top experts on a host of timely energy topics. The 23-speaker event focused on two themes: renewable energy and transportation alternative fuels.

    The conference host has created the opportunity for those who missed this powerful program to access it at their own convenience by way of online recordings of each speaker’s remarks and presentation materials. These on-demand replays represent a timely resource for professionals, decision-makers and the public – including cities, counties, other public agencies, utility companies, other energy service providers, nonprofit organizations, community planners, educators, elected officials, businesses and industry, community leaders, students, and still others. From environmentalists to economic developers, energy specialists to generalists in decision roles, designers to engineers, transportation officials to consumers and many others, the conference centered on providing value for creating and carrying out solutions to meet energy needs. REPLAYS are available here:

    Energy technology innovations, the emergence of adverse climate impacts, citizen calls for clean energy, documented job increases from renewable energy and energy efficiency, and still other influences have catalyzed a shift in the energy world and new opportunities are available for states, local communities and at the national level. Such opportunities were in the spotlight throughout the March event.

    “Solar energy, bioenergy, wind power and other renewable energy resources, as well as energy efficiency innovations and alternative transportation fuels, offer more opportunities for the U.S. now than ever before”, notes Marcia Elder, energy specialist and conference chair. “The shift to their greater use has been recognized as vital to public health, the economy, the environment and national security”, she adds.

    As part of the March event, senior officials of key national organizations discussed a range of issues, alternatives, strategies and real world opportunities for addressing energy needs. Participants attended from around the country to learn about the latest clean energy technologies, benefits of their use, changing trends in energy services, consumer empowerment initiatives, sustainable community approaches, and assorted models of success.

    Just some of the national organizations whose officials presented at the conference were: the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Renewable Energy Lab, Pace Energy & Climate Center, The Solar Foundation, the Solar Electric Power Association, Community Power Network, Center for Resource Solutions, Biomass Power Association and American Planning Association. The event also featured a major electric utility success story: Portland General Electric and its renewable energy programs. Transportation presenters included Nissan USA, General Motors, the USEPA Clean Cities program, the Florida Solar Energy Center and three utility companies. The Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Union of Concerned Scientists were among the other presenters.

    Presentations by energy experts underscored how renewable energy and alternative fuels offer far-reaching and well documented benefits for local communities and the nation as a whole – eliminating pollution, creating jobs, conserving energy, arresting the effects of climate change, reducing pollution-related health impacts, stimulating local economic development and more.

    Access the on-demand replays to also learn about:

    – How the future of communities will be impacted by energy choices

    – How communities can go green, using solar and other renewable energy

    – Models of utility programs and services that consumers can seek for their own locales

    – Community planning approaches for creating clean energy success stories

    – Significant job creation happening through renewable technologies

    – The latest data and info on renewables for planning by states, communities and consumers

    – Models of renewables projects that can be replicated in other areas

    – Options for shifting from gasoline to cleaner energy choices in transportation·

    – What to expect from utilities of the future in meeting consumer needs — & how the public can weigh in on related energy decisions

    – And much more

    On-demand replays of the event are broken down by speakers and topics so interested parties can focus on those of particular interest.

    The event was hosted by the Future Is Now Foundation as the third in a series of successful energy conferences it has produced. The Foundation has sponsored many other Web-based events on energy and other topics over the past near 11 years. In keeping with its innovative approaches, the event was offered as a Simulcast whereby participants could attend in person or online, and as a “modular conference” with multiple tracks held throughout the year.

    The next track will deal with energy efficiency, green buildings and green business operations and an impressive cast of speakers has been arranged for it. Originally planned for April, a new date will be announced soon as the host implements a new plan to make the event accessible even more widely by eliminating the registration fee.

    The on-demand replays of the event are available through the conference Website along with other resources for a bright energy future –

    The Future Is Now Foundation, established in 2002, is a Florida-based non-partisan, nonprofit organization that hosts educational programs and technical assistance on topics that matter for the future and now. The Foundation also provides capacity building services for the success of organizations.

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