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On Demand Webinar Replays Include

Smart Planning, held August 11: click here

Clean Energy, held August 18: click here

Sustainable Communities, held September 22: click here

Transportation, held October 4: click here

Sustainable Development, held October 19: click here

Clean Energy/Green Utilities, held November 16: click here

Campus-Scale Settings, held December 15: click here

Sustainable Economic Development,
held January 31: click here

Clean Energy Symposium Webcast, held Feb. 15-16:
click here

Local Government Clean Energy Forum, held Feb. 29: click here

Legal Aspects of Clean Energy, held March 13: click here

Models, Strategies & Options, held April 18: click here

Virtual Conference & Showcase

See Virtual Conference tab (drop-down: "Conference On-Demand") for
April 2012 Virtual Conference & Clean Energy/Green Jobs Showcase

AICP Credits for Above Events

Smart Planning for Communities (August 11) -- 2 AICP CM approved at #18988

Clean Energy Technologies (August 18) -- 2 AICP CM approved at #18991

Sustainability Communities (September 22) -- 2 AICP CM approved at #18989

Transportation Alternatives (October 4) -- 2 AICP CM approved at #18992 

Sustainable Development (October 19) -- 2 AICP CM approved at #18993

Clean Energy (November 16) -- 2 AICP CM approved at #18994

Campus-Scale Settings -- (December 15) -- 2 AICP CM approved at #18996

Sustainable Economic Development (January 31) – 2 AICP CM approved at #19115

Clean Energy Symposium Webcast (February 15-16) – .75 AICP CM approved at #19360 and 1.25 AICP CM approved at #19361. Note: not all sessions of this webcast were approved for AICP CM.

Legal Aspects of Clean Energy (March 13) –2 AICP CM (including 1.5 Legal AICP CM) approved at #19575. Note: This session was also approved for 2.5 C.L.E.R. credits by the Florida Bar as Course Number 6594 2.

Models, Strategies and Options/Innovative Energy Success Stories (April 18) – 2 AICP CM approved at #20116.

Virtual Conference for a Green Future (April 5-6) #19794 (multi-parts approved for 12.25 AICP CM credits).

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                     Program Details Appear Below

Webinar # 1   Smart Planning for Communities: Tapping Green Energy Strategies for High Power Returns

Held Live on August 11, 2011 (2 hours)

In this kick-off session for the Smart Planning Webinar series, learn from national and state leaders about the realm of possibilities for communities.

The American Planning Association’s “Sustaining Places” initiative will be discussed along with the integral relationships between smart planning, green energy, sustainability and economic viability.

Related achievements by the City of Raleigh, NC, will be spotlighted along with landmark work of nearby Research Triangle Park (RTP) . Tangible examples that can be replicated in other locales will be featured.

RTP is widely known as one of the most prominent high-tech research and development centers in the United States. It was created in 1959 by state and local governments, nearby universities, and local business interests. It hosts a far reaching “Clean & Green” energy program focused on renewable energy resources. Through these initiatives, North Carolina has become “a leading smart green technology state”. Its leadership role includes utilizing green technologies as a job stimulus for clean economic development.

Examples of initiatives and practices from other states will also be highlighted, including approaches undertaken in Gainesville and Alachua County, Florida.


• Mitchell Silver, AICP, PP - President, American Planning Association & City of Raleigh, NC Chief Planning & Economic Development Officer and Director, Department of City Planning

• Paula Thomas - City of Raleigh, Manager, Office of Sustainability, City of Raleigh, NC

• Randall Reid - County Manager, Alachua County FL & Sustainability Committee Chair, International City-County Management Association

• Sean McLendon - Manager, Sustainability Program, Alachua County                

          See Webinar tab above for speaker bios.
               2  CM AICP Credits  

Webinar # 2

Clean Energy Technologies for Communities

Held on August 18, 2011 (2 hours) 

Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies offer communities a host of benefits. Saving energy and money, reducing environmental impacts, creating new jobs and fostering clean economic development are foremost among them. Long-time energy alternatives combine with new and improved technologies as a menu of exciting choices for communities, regions and states.

In this session, find out the latest on what the technologies are, which are relevant for Florida and what they can do for your community. Learn about what they cost, their benefits and what's involved in implementing them. From solar and bioenergy to hydrogen, wind and water power, to high efficiency systems and strategies, gain a close-up look at the technology options, including those available now or near term and others to plan for in the future. State and national experts will present the menu of technology choices and answer your questions live.


• Roger W. Taylor - Principal Project Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US Department of Energy

• Brian Brainerd, Senior Associate, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

• Dr. Jim Fenton - Director, Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)

• Jay Levenstein - Deputy Commissioner, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (DACS) 

Note: Effective July 1, the Governor’s Energy Office has been moved to DACS pursuant to 2011 legislation. 

             See Webinar tab above for speaker bios.       2 CM AICP Credits

Webinar # 3

Sustainability & Energy Planning for Communities
Held Live September 22, 2011 (2 hours) 

Communities across the country have been surveyed for their sustainability projects and strategies. Learn from the experience of others in or relevant to Florida communities. Also benefit from strategic guidance on how to plan for and implement clean, green communities. Access powerful-new-resources for local- support.


• Jared Lang - Program Manager, Green Government Initiative, National Association of Counties

• Tammy Zborel - Senior Associate, Sustainability Program, Center for Research and Innovation, National League of Cities

• Alexander Dane - Project Leader, Strategic Energy Planning, National Renewable Energy Laboratories/US Department of Energy

• Tad McGalliard - Director of Sustainability, International City-County Management Association

                 See Webinar tab above for speaker bios.        2 CM AICP Credits

Webinar # 4

Transportation Alternatives for Energy Efficiency

Held live on October 4, 2011 

Many options exist for making communities more energy efficient though transportation choices … from land use planning and development practices to public transportation and operational systems to alternative fuel vehicles and a whole lot more. Find out what your community can do to tap significant efficiencies (and related benefits) for now and the long haul.


Dr. Mike Meyer, Director, Georgia Transportation InstituteTransportation; Systems Engineering Program Coordinator, Georgia Tech -- & Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Debbie Griner, Project Supervisor, Miami-Dade Department of Environmental Resources Management

Marianne Gurnee, SunRail Public Liaison OfficerKen Fischer, General Manager, VolTran (Volusia)

Ken Fischer, General Manager, VolTran (Volusia)

               See Webinar tab above for speaker bios            2 CM AICP Credits

Webinar # 5

Smart Planning for Sustainable Development
Held live October 19, 2011

Sustainable development combines thoughtful planning, design and development practices for superior results. Energy efficiency, environmental protection, economic vitality, public health and safety are among the benefits. This Webinar will present an array of strategies being tapped by Florida communities and others … from resource-wise community design and creative redevelopment to clean energy technologies to green buildings, site plans, landscaping and comprehensive plans. Learn from a panel of national and state experts on how your community can take advantage of these innovative techniques.


• Rick Hall, long-time transportation engineer and land use expert; President, Hall Planning & Engineering; past Chair, Congress for the New Urbanism; former President, Florida Section, Institute of Transportation Engineers - on national trends in sustainable development

• Pierce Jones, Director, Resource Efficient Communities Program, University of Florida - on reduced impact, energy efficient site design

• Ken Zeichner, Alachua County Principal Planner - on the integration of energy and sustainable design considerations into the local comprehensive plan

• Robin Vieira, Vice President, Florida Green Building Coalition and Director of Building Research, Florida Solar Energy Center - on how green building programs provide economic and environmental benefits 

              See Webinar tab above for speaker bios.               2 CM AICP Credits 

Webinar # 6

Community Partnering for Clean Energy
Held Live November 16, 2011

Decisions about energy sources and services provided by utility companies have significant effect on the environment, public health and local economies. A growing number of communities these days are seeking new ways to be green and sustainable, and working with utility partners is a high impact way to do so.

This Webinar will look at how communities and power companies can engage in a joint mission to tap clean energy sources, boost energy efficiency, create green jobs and bolster area economies. Learn from a panel of national and state experts about energy options and cooperative strategies for green results.


• Karl Rabago, Vice President, Distributed Energy Services, Austin Energy

• Barry Moline, Executive Director, Florida Municipal Electric Association

• Pegeen Hanrahan, Registered Professional Engineer; Principal of Community and Conservation Solutions, LLC and Former Mayor, City Gainesville

 Jennifer Clymer, Senior Associate, ICF International (Energy, Environment & Transportation department), US Department of Energy Technical Assistance Program advisor 

See Webinar tab above for speaker bios.           2 CM AICP CEU Credits

Webinar # 7

Leading By Example: Energy Use & Efficiency in Campus Scale Settings
Held Live December 15, 2011 

From educational facilities, hospitals/medical complexes and government centers to military bases, business office parks and other large scale settings, “campus” settings account for significant energy use and offer substantial options for green planning and sustainability. Strategies relevant for these settings can be tapped for other facilities, developments and operations as well. The actions of all affect the sustainability of local communities. 

This Webinar will explore who is doing what to save-and-produce energy in Florida’s diverse campus environments .  Energy planning, management and production efforts will be highlighted. Learn from state and national experts skilled in implementing high-impact approaches replicable in many different settings.


•   Otto Van Geet, P.E. - Senior Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, working in the Federal Energy Management Program, on innovative national perspectives and examples from around the country

•   David Norvell, P.E., Energy Manager for University of Central Florida (UCF) and Director of the Department of Sustainability & Energy Management, on results from the nation’s second largest university with more than 56,000 students on 12 campuses

•   Marty E. Sanders, P.E., Executive Director of Growth Management, Land Acquisition, Inter-Governmental Relations, Facilities & Maintenance, School Board of St. Lucie County, on effective energy and dollars savings at one of Florida’s largest school districts

•  Eva Westfall, Eglin Air Force Base, Civil Energy Engineer Technician, to learn about replicable energy efficiency programs and dollar savings from the largest military installation east of the Mississippi River

       See Webinar tab above for speaker bios.     2 CM AICP CEU Credits     

Bonus Webinar

Green Communications: Online Tools & Strategies for Faster/Better Results Held Live December 19

The Internet offers extraordinary ways to "be green" -- saving energy and the planet -- while also being more effective. Many innovative tools are available for communications, services and other timely purposes. Learn about an assortment of tools and strategies that you and your organization can put to work now. Get more done for your mission and discover ways to be resource-efficient in the process.

"Bonus session" presented by Marcia Elder, Future Is Now Foundation.


Clean Energy & Economic Development

Space Coast Annual Clean Energy Symposium

Local Government Clean Energy Forum

Legal Aspects of Clean Energy

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