Energy Solutions for a Bright Future
Sustainability & Energy Planning for Communities 

An on-demand replay of this event is featured here, as held live on September 22, 2011.


Communities across the country have been surveyed for their sustainability projects and strategies. Learn from the experience of others in or relevant to Florida communities. Also benefit from strategic guidance on how to plan for and implement clean energy and green communities. Access powerful-new-resources for local- support.    


• Jared Lang - Program Manager, Green Government Initiative, National Association of Counties

• Tammy Zborel - Senior Associate, Sustainability Program, Center for Research and Innovation, National League of Cities

• Alexander Dane - Project Leader, Strategic Energy Planning, National Renewable Energy Laboratories/US Department of Energy

• Tad McGalliard - Director of Sustainability, International City-County Management Association

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Event Replay

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Module 1, Introductory Remarks
& Tad McGalliard, ICMA
27 Minutes

Module 2
, Jared Lang, NAC
17 Minutes

Module 3, Tammy Zborel, NLC 

Module 4, Alexander Dane, NREL/DOE

Module 5, Q&A with Speakers

Presenter Slides

Tad McGalliard: Download here

Jared Lang: Download here

Tammy Zborel: Download here

Alexander Dane: Download here 
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